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Swatch Critter patterns

These cuddly critters are my answer to "what to do with these little squares?" woven on the Zoom Loom or any pin loom that weaves 4" squares.

The Swatch Critter kits all used Mountain Colors Yarns. However, as of March 1, 2023, Diana and Leslie (the powerhouses/owners of Mountain Colors Yarn) retired from the yarn dyeing business after 32 years. Since the Swatch Critter kits exclusively used Mountain Colors Yarns, this means that the Swatch Critter Kits also retired. If you are looking for Swatch Critter KITS, check The Woolery retail sales website. The Woolery carried all the Swatch Critters and Holidays Kits and will sell them until their kits stock runs out.

I am offering all of the Swatch Critters and Holiday Series as patterns only! All the instructions you need are in the pattern, you supply the yarn. Knitting yarns In DK or Light Worsted weights work best for weaving the squares. Other supplies needed vary by Critter: Felt (for faces), pipe cleaners and stuffing of your choice and are noted on the patterns. Templates for the faces are also in the pattern. Average finished critter size is 7" long by 4-5" high.