"Versatility" shawl/cowl/hood

One project + 3 ways to wear it = a truly versatile kit!  This leno weave rigid heddle kit features Mountain Colors Weavers Wool yarn and there is no sewing involved! Kit includes diagrams and instructions for leno weave as well as how to finish the shawl/cowl/hood and adjusting for sizes.

             Sett: 8 e.p.i.   Finished size (before joining) is 13" W x 70" L.
                                 As shown above in Red Willow plus:


The rigid heddle kits line has expanded to include natural colored cottons along with our kits using a variety of Mountain Colors Hand-painted Yarns! 

Look for them in your local yarn shops or favorite on-line retailers.
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  Scroll down to see the designs and all the different colors available.
 For Zoom Loom  (4" pin looms) kits, please check out the Swatch Critters page.

Shop owners wishing to carry dje handwovens weaving kits,  please contact us to place your order:
dje handwovens: email info@djehandwovens.com 
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To view an instructional video on how to warp a rigid heddle loom with a pre-measured warp, click here

Red Tail Hawk

Big Sky


"Gotta Dash!" scarf kit

This rigid heddle kit features Mountain Colors Weavers Wool. Vertical and horizontal dashes dance together to create a wonderful pattern. With the warp already wound, this kit makes for quick weaving for all experience levels.

                 Sett: 8 e.p.i. Finished size: 9" W x 70" L

Mountain Twilight

"Au Natural" 2 towels kit

This kit features American Maid natural color cotton yarn spun in the U.S. and raised on U.S. farms participating in the Sustainable Cotton Project. These farms commit to using fewer chemicals, biological pest control, and non-GMO seed. This kit makes two towels and features natural green (CA) and natural golden brown (NM) cottons and the colors deepen with washing!

Sett: 10 e.p.i. Finished size (after hemming) is 13.5" w x 22" L.

"Sunset" color way

"Twilight" colorway

NEW! Indian Paintbrush

"Gotta Dash" in Summit 

"Kaleidoscope" scarf

Featuring Mountain Colors "Mountain Goat" yarns (wool blended with just a kiss of mohair for shine), this kit is designed with rigid heddle and knitting loom weavers in mind. A kaleidoscope uses light and mirrors to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary designs. In this kit, the hounds tooth plaid weave structure transforms the color repeats in the hand-painted yarns into new dimensions. 
As pictured above in Trading Post plus colorways below.
                      Sett: 8 e.p.i.  Finished size: 7.5" W x 60" L.​

"Silk Road" scarf kit

​Mountain Colors hand-painted Bearfoot merino/mohair and Winter Silk merino/silk yarns, this scarf commemorates the Silk Road; the many trails, by-ways and routes which moved silk from the Orient to markets across the Middle East and Europe. This sumptuous scarf is soft against your skin and will drape beautifully with your favorite jacket.

Three colorways: Summerdale, Meadowlark and Spring Eclipse
                      Sett: 10 e.p.i.       Finished size: 7" W x 68" L


Indian Paintbrush

 Kits for Rigid heddle looms

NEW! "Au Natural" 4 placemat kit

This kit features American Maid natural color cotton yarn spun in the U.S. and raised on U.S. farms participating in the Sustainable Cotton Project. These farms commit to using fewer chemicals, biological pest control, and non-GMO seed. The four placemat color and weave set is available in two natural colors: green (CA) or golden brown (NM) and the colors deepen with washing!

Sett: 10 e.p.i. Finished size (after hemming) is 12.5" W x 16.5" L.

Big Sky

NEW! "Chasing Rainbows" 4 napkin kit

I love rainbows - the reward at the end of the rain! This kit features 6 (yes, 6!) colors for Lunatic Fringe's Tubular Spectrum perle cotton yarn. The napkins are fun color play and can be woven on rigid heddle (need two 8 dent heddles) or 2 shaft table and floor looms. With the warp already wound, this is a fast, easy weave for all experience levels. Can't bring yourself to use the napkins? It can be a lovely table runner or set of 2 placements.
        Sett: 16 e.p.i.  Napkins measure 12" square (approximate size of a paper napkin).


"Night" colorway

Travel Project Bags kit

something for everyone!

Time to ditch the zip-lock plastic bag when traveling with small projects and move up to a pretty travel project bag! Kit includes Mountain Colors hand-painted yarns to make one bag and instructions are included to make all three! Something for everyone! Approximate finished size (after felting) is
7" wide x 7" tall x 2" deep.

Left to Right:  Chokecherry (woven on rigid heddle @ 8 e.p.i.), Summerdale (4" pin loom squares) or Huckleberry (knitted in the round) to make one bag and kit includes instructions for making all three!
Bags are wet-felted for durability and felting instructions are included. Kit does not include buttons or beads so you can select your personal favorites.

"Day" colorway

NEW! "Day and Night" infinity scarf kit

This silky soft infinity scarf features Mountain Colors Wildberries line of yarns in Bearfoot (superwash merinomohair/nylon). Changing the weft colors creates scarves as dramatically different as Day and Night. A relaxing kit to weave, infinity scarves are great for looping around your neck or letting them drape freely.
Sett: 10 e.p.i. and finished scarf is 8.25" W x 54" L (joined length approximately 26-27 long).

Big Sky

Sunrise/Sunset scarf kit

As the sun rises, colors erupt to welcome the day. As the sun sets, colors deepen to embrace the night. This scarf in Mountain Colors Twizzlefoot (superwash merino/silk) outlined with Bearfoot (superwash wool with mohair) celebrates the explosions of color that start and end our days.
                                   Sett: 10 e.p.i   Finished size is 8.5" W x 65" L 

"Sunrise" color way

"Chorus Line" scarf

This mixed warp scarf designed for rigid heddle or 2-shaft looms features a chorus line of Mountain Colors yarns in the warp: Hollyhock Wool Crepe, Thunderstorm merino Ribbon and Lodgegrass Wool/silk Twizzle. Changing the wool crepe weft colors dramatically creates new looks. A fun, easy kit to weave, the resulting scarf is soft and flowing. Having the mixed warp pre-measured and wound makes it an excellent beginners kit, but intermediate to advanced weavers will love the convenience of the ready to go warp.
                    Sett: 8 e.p.i. Finished size: 8" wide by 72" long.

Available with weft colors: Hummingbird (shown above) plus:​

"Play with Blocks" scarf kit 

​A twist on traditional Log Cabin means play time with pattern. The instructions include multiple combinations of weft picks to create new and different blocks of Log Cabin based pattern. With the warp already wound, there's more time to play!  100% Cotton

Sett: 10 e.p.i.   Finished size is 8" W x 72" L.