My specialty is weaving secret messages using overshot name draft designs. Like a secret code, the letters from words, names, and phrases are assigned to the shafts of the loom, creating unique designs  for each message. While the actual letters are not visible in the cloth, the secret message is clear for those who have been told how to break the code.

But I don't limit my designs to overshot! There are so many wonderful weave structures to explore.

The kits on this page are available exclusively to retailers through dje handwovens. All kits include a pre-wound/measured warp ready to go on the loom, weft yarns, and detailed instructions with weaving tips and tricks. The colorways available are listed with each sample picture.

Retailers interested in carrying dje handwovens kits, please email to request a price list. Thank you!

This overshot name draft kit uses American Maid natural color cotton yarns. The cotton is raised on farms in the U.S. that participate in the Sustainable Cotton Project. All yarns are then spun in the U.S. The natural color green and golden tan cottons used for the pattern get darker with washing!

Sett: 16 e.p.i.   Kit makes either 4 placemats (17"L x 13" wide) or 4 towels or one 72" long runner---or any combination the weaver decides!

Blue-Green Weft


Overshot Name Draft Kits

Blue-Green weft

"Weave Long and Prosper" scarf kit

Doubleweave name draft scarf

This scarf started life as an overshot name draft, but some floats were a little long. So I converted it to double weave and on only 4 shafts! The result is a scarf with two distinct sides--like two scarves in one!  100% Tencel
Sett: 16 e.p.i.     Finished size is 7" W x 60" L


Kits for 2 shaft looms
Please see the Rigid Heddle Kits page for more 2 shaft kits

"For all good things" runner/towels/placemats kit


Color samples show reverse side of runner

 "Weaver's Choice" Scarf kit

Woven on 5 shafts with three blocks of Summer and Winter, by simply changing the treadling sequence, you can create new block patterns without touching the tie-up or threading! I couldn't decide which pattern was the favorite, so I'm leaving that up to you-Weaver's Choice! All five pattern treadlings are included in the kit. Tencel warp and Bamboo pattern weft yarns combine for wonderful drape and hand with just the right amount of shine. Black tencel with five pattern weft choices available. 5 Shafts needed.Sett: 16 e.p.i.. Finished Size: 8.5" W x 65" L

Make some waves with these placmats woven on 8 shafts in Turned Taquete! This kit features 5 colors of Lunatic Fringe Yarns Tubular Spectrum 5/2 mercerized cotton -- 4 in the warp and 1 in the weft. Changing the weft color, subtly changes the appearance of the warp colors! The kit includes warp/weft for 2 placemats in one colorway so if you want more placemats, you can Mix or Match kits in the different weft colorways to make your own placemat set combinations!

Sett: 16 e.p.i.  8 shafts needed   Finished size: Two placemats 12 W x 17" L hemmed

Natural Cream with Natural Brown.


"Twill Play" in Ocean

 Dark Gray 

"Colorplay" in Yellow/Red/Teal


"Colorplay" 2 towels kit

Play with color in this 8-shaft false Damask 2 towel kit featuring 4 colors of Lunatic Fringe Tubular Spectrum perle cotton yarn. The towels are woven on the samp warp, just change the weft color for the large blocks n the second towel. The false damask creates blocks of color that appear to be woven together! And with the warp already wound, it's a fun, fast, easy weave. Based on a draft from "A Weaver's Book of 8-shaft patterns" edited by Carol Strickler.
Sett: 20 e.p.i  8 shafts needed Finished size per towel: 15" W x 22" L (hemmed)

Purple weft


"Twill Play" in Sunflower

 "Fire and Ice" infinity cowl kit

This 4-shaft undulating twill cowl in 100% Tencel shimmers and shines like Fire and Ice! The weave structure combined with the yarns creates a wonderful iridescence and the colors shift as the cowl moves.

4 shafts Sett: 28 e.p.i.  Finished size is 42" L (20" joined) x 7.25" W
Instructions include sleying order for 8, 10 and 12 dent reeds

For 8 Shaft looms
"Wavelength" 2 placemats kit

Cranberry Weft

NEW! "Blocks Rock!"4 napkins kit

Turned twill blocks rock in these napkins - as in rock between 3/1 and 1/3 twill blocks! A fun, fast weave with easy to remember treadling creates 4 napkins on one warp, but in different colors! Featuring Lunatic Fringe Yarns Tubuluar Spectrum perle cotton in 3 colorway choices of 4 napkins. Combo #1: 1 napkin in each color. Combo #2: Warm: 2 in Gold and 2 in Copper. Combo #3: Cool: 2 in Teal, 2 in Lime.

Sett: 16 e.p.i.  8 shafts needed  Finished Size: each napkin is 13.5" square hemmed

"Yes, it's worth it" runner kit

Remember secret decoder rings and writing special messages for your friends? Overshot name drafts are woven "secret messages" created by assigning each letter of a phrase to a shaft on the loom. 

Based on "Yes, it's worth it", this 4-shaft design is the weaver's response to "But you can buy a runner, is it really worth all the effort?" Why yes, yes it is indeed worth it. Featuring Lunatic Fringe Yarns Tubular Spectrum Tints & Tones perle cottons.
Sett: 20 e.p.i. Finished size: 14.25" W x 51" L (hemmed)




Royal Blue/Black


This overshot name draft is based on "Partners in Life and Love" this 4-shaft design is perfect for commemorating weddings and anniversaries.

   100% Cotton       Sett: 16 e.p.i.    Finished size: 12" W x 52" L

"Waterfall" 2 towel Shadow Weave kit

Combo 2 - Warm: Copper/Gold

Remember secret decoder rings and writing secret messages for your friends? Overshot name drafts are woven "secret messages" created by assigning each letter of a phrase to a shaft on the loom. 

"Weavers Choice"
​in Blue/Black





This 4-shaft name draft design is based on "Love Lives Here". Featuring Lunatic Fringe Yarns hemp and Tubular Spectrum perle cotton, this wall hanging celebrates love in a home, no matter what combination it takes. Great for couples, singles, grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends, this design celebrates every home where love is found. The hanger is included in the kit.

Sett: 16 e.p.i.     Finished size:" 6.25W x 20" L




Black/Lime Green

Purple/Red Gold

"Timeless" 2 towels kit

The reason things become "a classic" is their timeless appeal and usefulness. Woven on one warp, this classic plaid and striped towel kit (1 towel of each design) features Bluegrass Mills Hemp yarn. The hemp yarns make a super absorbent fabric with great body, durability, and shine. With the warp already wound, this is a fast, easy weave for all experience levels.  

Sett: 16 e.p.i. Size: Two towels each 15" W x 24" L


Combo 3 - Cool: Teal/Lime

​NEW! "Love Lives Here" wall hanging kit

Natural Cream with Natural Green.

This 8-shaft shadow weave two towel kit features American Maid (TM) natural color cotton yarn (natural cream with either deep green or golden brown) from the Sustainable Cotton Project growers committed to reduced chemical use, biological pest control, and planting non-GMO seeds. The result is silky soft and absorbent yarns that are a pleasure to use and the colors deepen with washing!

Sett: 16 e.p.i.  8 shafts needed   Finished size: Two Towels 15.5 W x 21" L each

Cobalt weft

"Twill Play" in Lake

Kits for 4 shaft looms

"Yes, its Worth it" in Fall


Purple weft


Kits for 4 to 8 shaft looms


"Follow Your Heart" scarf kit

Whether in life or love, the journey is richer when you follow your heart. This 4-shaft twill in thee colors of 100% Tencel creates a heart design that runs the length of the scarf. 

4 Shafts Sett: 24 e.p.i. Finished size: 7.5" wide x 66" long

"Colorplay" in Green/Blue/Teal




Deep Blue

"Fusion" scarf kit 

Warp + Weft = a fusion of new color! All four of these color samples are woven on the same warp - just the weft color changes. Each kit features 4 colors of Lunatic Fringe Yarns' Tints and Tones, 3 in the warp and 1 in the weft. It's up to you to pick your favorite fusion of color!  ​Sett: 20 e.pi.  Finished scarf is 7.5" wide x 64" long.

"Chasing Rainbows" 4 napkin kit

I love rainbows - the reward at the end of the rain! This kit features 6 (yes, 6!) colors of Lunatic Fringe's Tubular Spectrum perle cotton yarn. The napkins are fun color play and can be woven on rigid heddle (need two 8 dent heddles) or 2-shaft table and floor looms. With the warp already wound, this is a fast, easy weave for all experience levels. Can't bring yourself to use the napkins? It can be a lovely table runner or set of 2 placements.

Sett: 16 e.p.i. and napkins measure 12" square (approximately size of a paper napkin).

Kits using 5 to 8 shafts 

 "Facets" 100% Silk Scarf kit

The silk in this scarf shines like the facets of a well cut gemstone and the sumptuous, soft drape is a delight to touch. This 4-shaft fancy twill design features Bluegrass Mills 20/2 silk yarn. Available in Red/Black shown below plus:

4 Shafts Sett: 28 e.p.i. Finished size: 8" W x 60" L (plus 5" twisted fringes).

Kits for 2, 4 & 8 shaft looms

"Colorplay" in Orange/Yellow/Teal


 "Stepping Stones" Scarf  kit

Like a garden path or stones skipping across a stream, this shadow weave on 6 shafts features two different design possibilities simply by shifting which weft color weaves first: Squares or Diamonds, the weaver chooses. The reverse side is a mirror image of the front. 100% Bamboo yarns.
Sett: 16 e.p.i.  6 shafts needed  Finished Size: 67" L x 8.5" W


"Partners in Life and Love" runner kit

"Twill Play" 4 napkins kit

Who says plain weave should have all the fun of Color and Weave patterns? Playing with the classic Color and Weave log cabin and houndstooth threading on a twill tie-up and treadling equals four different pattern possibilities in each set of napkins. A fun, fast weave, this kit features Bluegrass Mills 6/2 unmercerized cotton in 3 different color combinations. Instructions also include weaving the piece as a table runner instead!
Sett: 20 e.p.i  4 shafts needed Finished size per napkin: 13" W x 13" L (hemmed)

Combo 1 - One napkin in each color


Cobalt weft