Advanced Beginner through Advanced Experience

30-60 Minute Guild Program Presentation on Color Value in Weaving OR Color Value for Fiber Artists- Available as add on to guild workshop weekend or as a stand-alone guild presentation via Zoom

Half Day Class - Color for Fiber Artists This class is an introduction to color theory for weavers and fiber artists. We discuss color theory, working with different color combinations and how color value effects your projects from knitting to spinning to weaving.

Full Day Class - This class includes the information from the half day class and color interactions and using inspirations to create color combinations in weaving.

2 Day Class - This class includes the full day class plus weaving samples in color combinations based on the student's color inspiration in different weave structures in one warp. 

Back to Basics - 3 hour class
Beginners and returning weavers
If you've been away from weaving for awhile or the beginning weaving class you took just didn't "take", this  refresher class is for you. This class is a review of weaving from selecting yarns, calculation of warp/weft, parts of the loom, winding a good warp and tips for happy weaving.

Pin Loom 101 - 3 hour class (on-line or in person)
Learn how to weave on a pin loom. Pin Looms are inexpensive, fun, portable looms to weave squares, rectangles, hexagons and more. Learn how to weave a simple square with tips to make it easy. Great introduction to weaving and pin looms LOVE knitting yarns! So if you have a stash full of left overs from knitting projects, pin looms are a great way to use them up and make shawls, pillow tops, scarves or a critter like Sydney the Sheep.

Velvet Weaving in Venice, Italy - 30-60 minute Power Point guild presentation via Zoom In 2018 I had the wonderful pleasure of a personal tour of Tessiture Bevilacqua: a handweaving velvet studio that has been in the same building for centuries. As we toured, I asked a million questions and my husband Marty took pictures. Take a tour of velvet weaving on the original 18th century looms with how the looms are set up, the fabrics created and the tradition continues in the 21st Century.

Unlocking Profile Drafts - 30-45 minute guild presentation (on-line or in person with a longer workshop)
This presentation unlocks how to work with profile drafts with a quick introduction to creating a profile draft and how to convert a profile draft into a thread by thread draft.

Beginning Weaving - Multi Shaft Looms

2 Day Class - Learn how to weave on a rigid heddle loom! We start by learning weaving terms, how to wind a warp, dressing our looms and how to weave on a multi shaft floor or table loom.

Introduction to Supplemental Warps - 30-60 minute guild presentation introducing supplemental warps and all the lovely projects you can weave with supplemental warps including velvet, terry cloth, shibori and turned drafts! Wet your weaving whistle with these fun weave structures.

Deb Essen is the author of "Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps: " (Interweave Press), is a frequent contributor for Handwoven magazine and has recorded several DVDs on Supplemental Warps, Pile Weaves with Supplemental Warps, Unlocking Profile Drafts, Pin Loom Projects through Handwoven. She has been weaving for over 25 years and teaches at local, regional and national conferences, guilds and shops. 

If you are looking for a teacher for your shop, guild, festival or conference, please contact Deb at for an up to date schedule and class availability. Yes, she takes requests!

UPDATE! DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS AS OF JUNE 2020 Deb is offering a number of classes on-line via Zoom meeting for guilds and shops! See below for classes available. Contact Deb at with questions and to schedule a class.

Comments from students!

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful workshop. It has given me so many new things to think about. Much to learn (!), but I'm looking forward to expanding my understanding of color. You are a marvelous teacher!   Carol, "Color in Weaving" Zoom workshop

"I did not feel slighted by this learning technique (via Zoom on-line). I learned as much as I could cram into my head during the amount of time we had to work. I look forward to other opportunities. The topic was a good choice for virtual learning." Joy, "Color in Weaving" Zoom workshop

​"This weekend I attended a two day Zoom workshop by Deb Essen on Color in Weaving. ...All weaving is done in plain weave. Deb was very happy that we had someone useing a rigid heddle and a variety of yarn weights. So, you are not limited by your loom or your yarn comfort zone. It was such a great workshop." Dawn, "Color in Weaving" workshop comments posted on the Weaving Facebook Group page

Unlocking Profile drafts - 2 workshop options plus 1 hour Guild Presentation  
Advanced Beginner through Advanced Experience

Intro to Profile Drafts Guild Presentation: 30-60 minutes available via Zoom or in person with workshop. A brief introduction to profile drafts: what profile drafts are, what weave structures can be used.

Full Day Class - An introduction to Profile Drafting, how profile drafts work, creating a profile draft and converting profile drafts to a thread by thread draft.  AVAILABLE AS ON-LINE CLASS VIA ZOOM

2 or 3 Day Class - Includes all information in the 1 day class plus students create their own profile draft, convert it to a thread by thread draft and we weave samples. In the 3 day class version, the samples are woven in Round Robin so class participants leave with at least 5 samples of various weave structures woven on the same profile draft.

Intro to Supplemental Warps Guild Presentation via Zoom - What are supplemental warps and how do they work? A quick tour/introduction to the weave structures woven with supplemental warps.

Weaving with Supplemental Warps - without a second back beam! 2 day class
Advanced Beginner through Advanced Experience. Students must be comfortable warping their looms.

This class explores weaving with supplemental warps without needing a second back beam. We discuss how supplemental warps work, designing for textiles using supplemental warps, learn how to set up your loom for supplemental warps and weave samples in class. 

A sampling of classes offered by Deb Essen

This is a short list of classes taught by Deb Essen. New classes are always in development and requests are considered. Classes available via Zoom meetings are noted for each class. 

Advanced Beginner and up Students must be comfortable warping their loom
2 Day Class - Doubleweave allows you to weave two layers of cloth on one warp, enabling you to double the width of your fabric! Learn how double weave works, planning a project, how to warp your loom and weave double width, tubes, two separate layers and pick up patterns where you can create designs anywhere on your fabric! Great fun!

Pin Loom 102 - 3 hour class (on-line or in person)
​For anyone who knows how to weave on a pin loom or has taken Pin Loom 101
The next step in pin loom weaving is to create floats for patterns in your squares. Take your pin loom weaving to the next level.

Color Value in Weaving - 30-60 minute guild presentation (on line or in person with workshop)
Why do those colors look so nice together on the cones, but when I start winding the warp or weaving things don't look nearly as pretty. Likely it's because of the color values. This presentation discusses color value, how to identify color values and make them work for you.

Beginning Weaving - Rigid Heddle looms

2 Day Class - Learn how to weave on a rigid heddle loom! We start by learning weaving terms, how to wind a warp, dressing our looms and how to weave using a rigid heddle loom.

Deb Essen teaching schedule and classes

Winding a GREAT Warp - 30 to 45 minute guild presentation (on-line or with longer workshop)
Learn tips and tricks to winding a great warp that is even, easy to use and will never fall apart or tangle up on the way to the loom.

Doubleweave Pick up
Advanced Beginner and up Students bring warped loom to class.
1 Day Class - Doubleweave allows you to weave two layers of cloth on one warp, enabling you to double the width of your fabric! Learn how to weave patterns anywhere in your fabric using just a pick up stick and a graphed design.


  2021 Teaching and Show Schedule

​​March 20, 2021 - Florida Tropical Weavers Virtual Conference
                             Intro to Supplemental Warps presentation

April 8, 2021 - Humboldt Handweavers & Spinners Guild
                        Intro to Profile Drafts Guild Presentation

April 10-11, 2021 - Triangle Weavers Guild, Chapel Hill, NC
                               "Color in Weaving" 2 day workshop

April 20, 2021 - Annapolis Weavers Guild, Annapolis, MD
                         Intro to Supplemental Warps Guild Presentation

April 24 - 25, 2021 - Ventura Weavers Guild-Intro to Profile drafts Guild Presentation April 24
                                 Intro to Profile Drafts 1 day workshop, April 25 ON-LINE via Zoom

May 1-2, 2021 - Creative Fiber Guild, Sheridan, WY 
                                  Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving - 2 day class
                                  In conjunction Brinton Museum's hosting HGA Small Expressions exhibit

August 7, 2021 - Susquehanna Valley Spinners, Lewisberg, PA
                            Wind a great warp! guild presentation

September 27, 2021 - Eugene Weavers Guild, Eugene, OR
                                    Color Value in Weaving

October 21, 2021 - Victoria Handweavers, BC Canada
                                Velvet Weaving in Venice guild presentation

October 30, 3021 - Susquehanna Valley Spinners, Lewisberg PA
                               Intro to Supplemental Warps guild presentation

November 11-13, 2021 - San Antonio Weavers Guild, San Antonio TX
                                        Weaving with Supplemental warps (moved from 2020 due to Covid)

January 4, 2022 - Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore, Ellicott City, MD
                              Wind a great warp guild presentation

January 15-16, 2022 - Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore, Ellicott City, MD
                                     Color in Weaving workshop

July 2022 - POSTPONED TO 2022 DUE TO COVID 19
                              Convergence Knoxville. TN - Handweavers Guild of America
                              Doubleweave Pick Up - 1 day class
                              Playing with Profile Drafts - 1 day class
                              Weaving with Supplemental warps - 2 day class

TBD, 2023 - NEWS 2023 (New England Weavers Seminar), Smith College, Northampton, MA
 Rescheduled from 2021 due to Covid 19
​                              Color in Weaving - 2 day class 
                              Color for Fiber Artists - 1/2 day class