Spring Sapling/Bear Grass

Hathor's Gem


Indy Dyers Line

"Mosaic" cowl for 4-shaft looms
Featuring Raven Ridge Fiber Arts Lambent with Jaggerspun Zephyr warp
Finished size: 50.5" L(25" after joining) x 8.75" W

"Mosaic" cowl was the first of the Indy Dyer's line and it was so well received it's returning for 2017. Featuring the Lambent (superwash merino/silk) hand-painted yarns by Raven Ridge Fibers Arts paired with black Jaggerspun wool/silk Zephyr, this cowl has wonderful drape, body and a soft silky hand. A delight to wear.

Distant Mountains

Vixen/Flathead Cherry

Winter's Night

NEW for 2017

"La Petite" scarf for rigid heddle and 2-shaft looms
Finished size: 40" L x 7.5" W
Featuring Sincere Sheep Luminous (Polwarth/Tussah silk blend) yarn hand-dyed with natural dyes.

A little scarf. A little pattern. A little built in clasp to keep everying in place. This petite scarf dleivers with a pick-up lace pattern.

Colors: Hathor's Gem - dyed with Saxon Blue, Himalayan Rhubarb & Myrobalan

Winter's Night: dyed with tannin and iron

Kung Hei Fat Choi: dyed with madder and cochineal

Flathead Cherry


Distant Mountains/Gray Granite

NEW for 2017

"Anthology" clasped weft infinity scarf for rigid heddle and 2-shaft looms
Finished size: 55" L (28" when attached) x 9" W

Featuring Raven Ridge Fiber Arts hand-painted Lambent yarn (superwash merino/silk blend) with Bamboo warp

An anthology is a collection of art or stories. This infinity scarf kit is a collection of four different clasped weft designs (all patterns are included in kit) available in four different color combinations. The scarf is incredibly soft and has a silky drape with a touch of shine.

Returning for 2017 - "Mosaic" Cowl

Welcome to the Indy Dyers Line! This line celebrates the small Indy Dyers 1-2 person studios who create small, personalized batches of yarns.

For 2017 we are celebrating two wonderful dye studios with three different kits.

Raven Ridge Fiber Arts based out of Huson, Montana. Dyer Rickie van Berkum creates her dyes based on inspiration from Montana's landscapes.

Sincere Sheep is based out of Napa Valley, CA and Brooke Sinnes uses only natural dyes for her yarns.

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Spring Sapling