Shadows shift and change as the sun moves across the sky, marking the hours of the day. However, this 8-shaft shadow weave scar freezes shadows in time by alternating light and dark warp and weft yarns to create wonderfully complex designs that are easier to weave than they look! 100% Tencel.

"Play with Blocks" 

scarf kit for rigid heddle/2-shaft looms

​A twist on traditional Log Cabin means play time with pattern. The instructions include multiple combinations of weft picks to create new and different blocks of Log Cabin based pattern. With the warp already wound, there's more time to play! Click below the photo for slide show of colors available. Finished size is 8" W x 72" L.


This overshot name draft scarf is based on "Thank you for being my friend" and this 4-shaft design is the perfect way to tell someone how much they mean to you. 100% Tencel

"Partners in Life and Love"
Overshot Name Draft Table Runner Kit
Finished size: 12" W x 55" L
100% Cotton



"Weave Long and Prosper"  

doubleweave name draft scarf

This scarf started life as an overshot name draft, but some floats were a little long. So I converted it to double weave and on only 4 shafts! The result is a scarf with two distinct sides--like two scarves in one! 100% Tencel
Finished size is 7" W x 60" L

Eye of the Beholder" Shadow weave scarf
Finished size: 7" W x 60" L
As pictured in Old Gold/Black plus colors pictured below:

NEW! "Weaver's Choice" Scarf

Woven on 5 shafts with three blocks of Summer and Winter, by simply changing the treadling sequence, you can create new block patterns without touching the tie-up or threading! I couldn't decide which pattern was the favorite, so I'm leaving that up to you-Weaver's Choice! All five pattern treadlings are included in the kit. Tencel warp and Bamboo pattern weft yarns combine for wonderful drape and hand with just the right amount of shine. Black tencel with five pattern weft choices available



"Partners in Life and Love"

The kit makes two towels - 13" x W 22" L finished.

This overshot name draft is based on "Partners in Life and Love" this 4-shaft design is perfect for commemorating weddings and anniversaries.

"Weaver's Choice" scarf

Summer & Winter in 3 blocks
5 shafts required

Finished Size: 8.5" W x 65" L



Natural Cream with Natural Brown.

This 4-shaft name draft design is based on "Happy Birthday and many more." Create special birthday greetings that will always be remembered. 100% Tencel

   Red/Black            Royal Blue/Gold         Black/Lime Green         Lime Green/Red

"Waterfall" 2 towel Shadow Weave kit
for 8-shaft looms

"Thank you for being my friend"
overshot name draft scarf kit
Finished Size: 7.5"W x 60" L
Available in White/Royal Blue above plus:

"Eye of the Beholder"Shadow Weave scarf kit

for 8-shaft looms

Lime Green/Black

"Double Diamonds"Shadow Weave scarf kit for 8-shaft looms

Overshot Name Draft Kits

Waterfall towel in cream/natural green.
Finished size: 15.5" W x 21" L
Kit makes two towels

"Happy Birthday and Many More!"


"Happy Birthday and many more!"
Overshot Name Draft Scarf Kit
Finished Size: 8" W x 60" L
Available in Black/White plus:

Kits for Rigid Heddle and 2 shaft looms
Please see the Mountain Colors Kits page for more rigid heddle kits

What do you see in this 8-shaft shadow weave scarf? Water rushing around rocks in a stream? The Northern Lights undulating across the sky? Feathers on a bird's back? Leaves lying on the ground? Terraced fields on the side of a mountain? The design is in the eye of the beholder. 100% Tencel.

"For all good things"

Color samples show reverse side of runner
100% Cotton-Natural background with colored pattern


My specialty is weaving secret messages using overshot name draft designs. Like a secret code, the letters from words, names, and phrases are assigned to the shafts of the loom, creating unique designs  for each message. 

While the actual letters are not visible in the cloth, the secret message is clear for those who have been told how to break the code.

The kits on this page are available exclusively to retailers through dje handwovens. All kits include a pre-wound/measured warp ready to go on the loom, weft yarns, and detailed instructions with weaving tips and tricks. The colorways available are listed below each sample picture.

Retailers interested in carrying dje handwovens kits, please email to request the catalog and price list.

Thank you!

Overshot name draft placemat/towel/runner kit
This overshot name draft kit uses American Maid natural color cotton yarns. The cotton is raised on farms in the U.S. that participate in the Sustainable Cotton Project. All yarns are then spun in the U.S. The natural color green and golden tan cottons used for the pattern get darker with washing!
Kit makes either 4 placemats (17"L x 13" wide) or 4 towels or one 72" long runner---or any combination the weaver decides!  

This 8-shaft shadow weave two towel kit features American Maid (TM) natural color cotton yarn (natural cream with either deep green or golden brown) from the Sustainable Cotton Project growers committed to reduced chemical use, biological pest control, and planting non-GMO seeds. The result is silky soft and absorbent yarns that are a pleasure to use and the colors deepen with washing!

Kits for 8 shaft looms

Navy Blue

Remember secret decoder rings and writing secret messages for your friends? Overshot name drafts are woven "secret messages" created by assigning each letter of a phrase to a shaft on the loom. 


"Double Diamonds"Shadow weave scarf kit
Finished size: 8" W x 60" L in 100% Tencel
Deep Blue/White as pictured plus:



"Au Natural" Towel Kit
for 2-shaft or rigid heddle

This kit features American Maid natural color cotton yarns. All the cotton is raised on farms in the U.S. that are part of the Sustainable Cotton Project committed to reduced pesticide and herbicide use. The cotton is spun in the U.S. and the golden brown and green cotton colors get deeper with washing! 

Kits for 4 shaft looms
More 4-shaft kits are on the Mountain Colors kits page

Kits for 2, 4 & 8 shaft looms

"Thank you for being my friend"